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Women's Museum of California

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future

10085 pubs and counting...

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Since 1997 Cask Marque has been ensuring that the cask ale you drink in pubs in the UK has been in perfect condition. Our 45 qualified assessors make over 20,000 visits to pubs each year in England, Scotland, Wales, Europe and even America to check the temperature, appearance, aroma and taste of Britain’s favourite drink.

Visit a Cask Marque accredited pub and you are guaranteed to receive a great pint of cask ale.




The CaskFinder app from Cask Marque is free on iPhone and Android and covers 10,000 pubs selling great quality cask ale, 6000+ cask and keg beers, pump clip scanning and the world's biggest ale trail

Cask Marque is the UK's largest provider of cellar management training. Previous and current clients include JD Wetherspoon, Mitchells Butlers, Heineken UK, Brains, Hook Norton and many more

Sign up for Cask Membership online, view the benefits, request more information or read frequently asked questions about membership

We’ve teamed up with our resident Beer Sommelier, Annabel Smith, and asked her to write about some of her favourite food and beer matches, exclusively for you. Every Friday Annabel will pick a cask ale of the week, tell you a few facts about it, and suggest some food to pair with it.

If you think Cask Marque only visit pubs checking the quality of cask ale, then you are wrong. Cask Marque runs a grain to glass quality program as well as supporting other industry bodies and training thousands of people in how to look after beer.

Grain to Glass is the Cask Marque quality program, covering brewery quality audits (SALSA plus Beer), Distribution chain checks, pub cellar quality checks and beer in the glass through the Cask Marque accreditation

Cask Matters is an industry body made up of consumer organisations, brewers and retailers who care about awareness of and the future of our national drink

The Allocations builder allows you to manage limited production releases and other exclusive wines.

The following is a list of each of the aspects of the Allocation Builder available on the Vin65 platform as well as a description of what each section covers:

Adding An Allocation: This section will teach you how to create a new allocation release in Vin65. Learn More >

Adding An Allocation:

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This section will teach you how to setup the wines and products for your allocation. Learn More >

Allocating A Wine/Product:

How To Purchase The Allocation: This area will cover the steps in placing an allocation order on your website. nike free run 40 womens grey

How To Purchase The Allocation:

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This section will teach you how to grant wishes and to place orders for those who wished for more. Learn More >

Managing The Wish List:

FAQs: Frequently Asked Allocation Questions. Learn More >



Running an allocation soon? Let us know before your release date so we can make sure your website is ready.

Please Fill Out the Allocation Form

If you have allocated products that you wish to sell to non-members on the POS, you will need to have Vin65 Support enable the setting to allow admins to override allocation settings. This will allow admin users to place orders for allocated wines even if the customer is not part of the allocation. For more information see the documentation on purchasing allocated products .

The Pose

Trump’s pose can be read as a subversive play on a traditional power-portrait pose (look to Delaroche’s portrait of a defeated Napoleon for another wonderfully subversive take on the pose, though the tone there is elegiac as opposed to scheming).

© Le Gall 1990 / Reproduction rights: Musée de l'Armée - Paris

Napoleon I At Fontainebleau, 31 March, 1814 - Paul Delaroche

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can be seen to hold two aesthetic functions —to ground the association between the sitter and the throne, thus solidifying the metonymy, and to heighten the sense of servitude in the viewer. The viewer must approach the monarch, the monarch does not rise for the viewer.

In our post-monarchic time, the power of the throne is largely gone, but the power of a seated figure remains. The chair itself is unimportant, it is the act of sitting that matters. By placing a portrait in this tradition, the chair assumes the role of the throne, and the sitter the role of king (or queen) —the visual effect is the same.

Consider the following image of the Lincoln Memorial (for further reference, view these images of nike air force 1 low black black gum red
and LL Cool J :

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The image of the Lincoln Memorial (and the other two images) is an exaggerated version of the traditional pose. We see our subject head on, but, most importantly, we see the subject from below. The angle forces us to look up at the subject, which in turn creates the impression that the subject is looking down at us. This pose and angle, with the viewer seemingly (and literally in the case of the Lincoln Memorial), at the subject’s feet, makes the subject appear dominant, powerful, judging.

But, flip the image around, and suddenly we have a whole new set of connotations. On the Time cover, instead of seeing Trump head on and from below, we see him seated from behind and roughly at eye level. The power relation has shifted entirely.

Trump’s turn towards the camera renders the tone conspiratorial rather than judgmental. There are two images at play here — the imagined power-image taken from the front, and the actual image, in which Trump seems to offer the viewer a conniving wink, as if to say, look at how we hoodwinked those suckers in the front (both Trump and the viewer are looking down on those in front). By subverting the typical power dynamic, Time, in a sense, implicates the viewer in Trump’s election, in his being on the cover in the first place.

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Phone: 504.528.3805 Tickets Info: 504.528.3800 Fax: 504.528.3828

Contemporary Arts Center 900 Camp Street New Orleans, LA 70130-3908

The CAC is located on Camp Street between Andrew Higgins Drive and St. Joseph Street in the New Orleans Warehouse Arts District, one block from Lee Circle and the Saint Charles streetcar line.

Gallery Hours Wednesday–Monday, 11am–5pm The last admission to the galleries is at 4:45pm.

The Cafe at the CAC Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm Saturday Sunday, 11am–5pm

Open during performances and events.

The Stacks, art design bookstore Monday–Friday,10am–5pm

Saturday - Sunday, 11am-5pm

Phone: (985) 306- 2916

Hours vary for performances, lectures, and special events. Call for holiday hours and closures.

View CAC Holiday Hours

Gallery Admission

$10 | General Admission*

$8 | Students Seniors*

FREE to CAC Members

FREE to Louisiana Residents on Sundays courtesy of The Helis Foundation

FREE to Children Students through Grade 12 and under at all times courtesy of The Helis Foundation

*Group Rates Parties of ten (10) or more get 10% off on admission prices.