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asked Oct 21 '13

How do I get Calc to increase the increment when dragging down? If I hold control down it prevents incrementing (a cool feature), but otherwise it decrements (the increment goes down). Thanks.

Forgot to mention, that I know that I can drag down one cell, change the incremented value to one more than the original value, select both cells and drag down to create the rest of the series, but this just seems like an unnecessary hassle.

answered Oct 22 '13

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You need to highlight the range first. Edit > Fill > Series... > select Series Type of "Growth" and set your Increment accordingly. You can assign this dialog to a hotkey if required ( Tools > Customize... > Category of "Edit" and Function of "Fill Series").

Thanks. Great tip. I find the decrement when dragging down is a bit of an odd default behavior. Thanks again.

It should not decrement, unless you have a pair of values selected that are decreasing. There is however a difference between a linear increment (2,4,6,8) and a growth increment (2,4,8,16).

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Asked: Oct 21 '13

Oct 21 '13

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Oct 22 '13

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